Thursday, August 18, 2011

How not to write:#1 spend hours trolling around the internet...

In the vein of all my recent posts, I spent the morning trolling around the internet instead of working on my next book, Controlling the Game.

Version 4 is looking like it's about the crash and burn....Version 5, anyone?  But that's not the exciting news. Much more interesting is that during my prolonged procrastination I found a bit of good news.  Susan over all All Romance Cafe likes me. Yeah me! Woot - Woot.

That really does make my day, month, year.  Just like all new writers, I'm constantly obsessing about whether anybody likes my books. Thank you to all the people who have let me know they DON'T. I'm pretty full up on that section now.  So, what a pleasure during my aimless trolling to find that The Girl Says Yes made it on to Susan's August Recommend Read list at the ARc Cafe. (again...yeah!)

Raj had captured my fancy from the first, and I'm glad that someone else finds him as sexy as I do. (figuratively speaking...cough.) Even better news, it comes with a badge! Which I've desperately wanted since seeing the cool ones that everyone over at Savvy Author's have on their page/signatures, etc.

So, I debut with great pleasure my Recommend Read badge from All Romance ebooks.

('s a generic one..but still.. very proud to have it!).

Ok, back to trolling...I mean writing.