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Men of Honor Series

The Girl Says Yes

Can an auspicious match begin with a gunshot wound? And is revenge a dish best served naked? FBI agent Cassie O'Brian has met her match in Navy SEAL Raj Gupta. Or has she?

The problems stack up as Cassie and Raj butt heads as they race to find a secretive terrorist group before time runs out. A matchmaking mother and family obligations are complication’s Raj doesn’t need as he battles to win the heart of a reluctant woman.

As Cassie and Raj are swept into a passion that almost consumes them-- revelations from Cassie’s past threatens their very lives.

Warning: Contains sexy Navy SEALs, long hot loving with toys, and a kick-ass heroine who finally meets her match.

Necessary Line

Kaida Petrovic left Sarajevo, looking for a better life for her family. Finding herself kidnapped, her brother missing, and her life turned upside down by not one, but two, amazing men wasn't in her plans.

What's a girl to do? Love them both?

Before meeting Kaida, NFL teammates, Jett Tupuo and Leo Sullivan, played hard, on and off the field.

Saving the girl and winning the Super Bowl was the easy part. Figuring how two alpha males could love the same woman, without killing each other, that was the kicker.

Warning: Contains hot football guys, plural, salty language, and frequent, long, loud, & hot group loving.

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